Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Laguna Beach Bluebird Canyon Slide Deserves Federal Disaster Aid

Laguna Beach Bluebird Canyon slide deserves Federal disaster aid.

Why is there such a delay in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) determining that the Laguna Beach Bluebird Canyon landslide was caused by the heavy rains that prompted the Governor and the President to declare several Southern California Counties – including Orange County – disaster areas? (Ref: FEMA – DR-1577 and FEMA-1585-DR)

Due to the heavy rainfall this winter, both Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and President George W. Bush have declared portions of Southern California disaster areas making local agencies and individuals eligible for a variety of State and Federal assistance.

The City of Laguna Beach has submitted evidence from Geofirm that confirms the linkage between the events that prompted the disaster declarations and the Bluebird Canyon slope failure. The depth of the failure, the relatively gentle gradient of the slope that failed and the presence of groundwater near the toe of the slope are just some of the factors that prove the failure was caused by the heavy rains. Geofirm’s opinion is consistent with the conclusions of geologists from the United States Geologic Service and the State of California.

California’s elected officials have been supportive of disaster assistance to victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. around the country. California’s elected officials should contact FEMA and encourage them to as quickly as possible review the technical information and provide disaster assistance to our local government. In addition, our elected officials should push for grants and low cost loans to affected individuals similar to individuals suffering disasters in other places in our country.

Concerned citizens should contact:
- Congressman Christopher Cox at
or by calling (949) 756-2244
- Senator Barbara Boxer  email going to and clicking
under "Contact Us" or calling (213) 894-5000
- Senator Dianne Feinstein going to
and clicking "Contact Me" or calling (310) 914-7300
- California State Senator John Campbell at
or calling 714-957-4555
- California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore email going to or calling (949)863-7070

Another way to help, including making financial contribution is through Laguna Relief. For information or to contribute go to


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