Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Fear Grows in Syria

President George W. Bush said “The defense of freedom requires the advance of freedom”. How’s he doing? This weekend , in addition to German elections between Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s left-leaning Social Democrats and the more conservative Christian Democrats led by Angela Merkel, there’s Afghanistan parliamentary elections. Guess who didn’t show up for the big United Nations confab?

Read Washington Post David Ignatius September 14, 2005 column The Fear Grows in Damascus:

“Notable by his absence from this week's gathering of the U.N. General Assembly is Syria's president, Bashar Assad. The Syrian leader had hoped to attend, and he was even said to be weighing television interviews for himself and his stylish, British-born wife. His decision to stay home indicates the disarray in Damascus these days.”

“The tourniquet that is tightening inexorably around the Assad regime is the U.N. investigation into the murder last February of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri. That probe, headed by a relentless German prosecutor, Detlev Mehlis, has already turned up enough evidence to arrest four security chiefs of the old Syrian-backed regime in Beirut for possible complicity in Hariri's death. Mehlis was in Damascus this week seeking testimony from top Syrian officials.”

“Analysts believe that Assad canceled his New York trip [as] he feared the risk of turmoil in Damascus if he were to leave now. … Credit goes to Lebanon's new government, which was tough and united in making the surprise arrests, at dawn on Aug. 30, of the security chiefs. Rumors are spinning in Beirut and Damascus about which members of the Assad regime are ratting out their friends.”

“a top Middle East expert on the National Security Council staff met for the first time with Farid Ghadry, head of a Syrian opposition group in exile.”

“what's the rush? Right now events are taking their course. A U.N. prosecutor is on the road to Damascus, following the trail of evidence. The scoundrels are running for cover. The Assad regime appears to be caught in a trap of its own making, and every day the balance of fear will tip a little farther.”

Here’s Bush March 8, 2005 Speech
Defense of Freedom Requires the Advance of Freedom
Calling it “a time when the defense of freedom requires the advance of freedom,” the president said part of the U.S. security strategy is “to help change the conditions that give rise to extremism and terror, especially in the broader Middle East.”
Bush accused both Syria and Iran of supporting terrorist groups and sowing division and chaos in the region. “The time has come,” he said, for these two countries “to stop using murder as a tool of policy, and to end all support for terrorism.”

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