Monday, December 12, 2005

Canada Greenhouse Emissions Up 24% vs. US Up 14% Since 1990

Polls show one of the very big political differences is that conservatives believe that the world would be a better place if other countries were more like the United States while liberals believe that the world would be a better place if the United States was more like other countries.

I have hear innumerable times from liberal friends how they are embarrassed that the United States did not ratify the global warming Kyoto Treaty and that the signatories to Kyoto were much more responsible, even morally superior.

Is this true? See November 27, 2005 New York Times article “No-Confidence Vote in Canada Threatens U.N. Climate Change Meeting” The article was about another anti-Bush government being voted out of power, and the Kyoto Treaty.

I was very surprised to read:
“Ms. May, of the Sierra Club, said: ‘Using 1990 as the base year, Canada's emissions are now 24 percent higher, while the United States is up by 14 percent. The United States' performance is superior to Canada's, even though it is outside Kyoto’."

When I brought this to a liberal’s attention, I received the following response. “Yea, you are right! Canada has an abominable track record on de-forestation and mining pollution too.”

I guess that’s as close as it gets to saying a good word for the USA.


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