Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not So Intense Democrats vs. Not So Demoralized Republican Voting in California 50th Congressional District

How demoralize are the Republicans? In the California 50th Congressional District, Republican Congressman Randy Cunningham had to resign and is now in jail for unbelievable greed and egregious bribery. How intense are the Democrats and liberals to take back the House of Representatives?

Likely many Independents voted, but since there was an Independent on the ballot, could the following calculations approximate the party voter turnout and their intensity.

California 50TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Tuesday April 11, 2006
Last updated on: 04-12-06 at: 01:30:04
There are approximately 10000 Absentee / Provisional ballots still to be counted

FRANCINE BUSBY – DEMOCRAT (including Green & Peace and Freedom)
Votes 56,147 of 109,906 Registered Voters or 51.1% turnout
Votes 772 of 2,280 Registered Voters or 33.8% turnout
REPUBLICAN TOTAL (all candidates)
Votes 69,880 of 159,547 Registered Voters or 43.8% turnout
Votes 1,042 of 77,804 or 1.3% turnout
Other Parties
Votes 0 of 10,290 Registered Voters or 0.0% turnout

Votes 127,841 of 359,827 Registered Voters or 35.5% turnout

The Libertarian turnout equaled about the same as the district overall 35%. The demoralized Republicans turnout around the 44% while the intense Democrats & liberals at 51%.

In this district that would mean the Republicans would always win.

If lots of Independents voted for the Democrat Busby, that means there were even fewer Democrats who bothered to go vote.

The run-off election will be held on California Primary election day, June 6th, between Democrat Francine Busby and the top Republican former Congressman Brian Bilbray.


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