Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busby Campaigned Lowered Turnout and Cost Her Votes

Could it be the more Busby campaigned it lowered turnout and cost her votes?

Kerry Spot noted “the poll by Democrat leaning polling firm Lake Research showing Busby up 47-40 back on May 17.”

Although Busby got about the same percentage vote in April and June (actually increasing from 43.74% to 45.46%), what do you make of her vote total going from 60,010 to 55,587? (Bilbray, having lots of Republican opponents in April went from 20,952 votes to 60,319).
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Many voters who supported Bilbray’s opponents may well have taken some time to decide to support the Republican nominee. Maybe the more Busby campaigned, it lowered turnout and cost her votes.

Despite the contested 50th Congressional District (and intense Democratic Governor’s race) turnout went down (28% was the State’s average).
For the Special Election April 11, 2006 Registered Voters 353,866, Ballots Cast 137,529,Turnout 38.86%.
For the Primary Election June 7, 2006 Registered Voters 355,409 Ballots Cast 125,882 Turnout 35.42%

By the way on the June 11th ballot, voters elected Bilbray to serve the remaining 7 month’s of Randy Cunnigham’s term, and nominated Busby and Bilbray for the November election for a full term. With the Independents and minor party voters not getting to participate Busby gets 41,000 votes and Bilbray 32,000

My thought is that the voters disgust at the “culture of corruption” dissipated from April to June realizing, perhaps, that Cunningham was a crook, not an example of what all politicians do.


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