Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mexico President Calderon Cracks Down on Drugs But Finds None

I guess the drug dealers are no dummies. The new President of Mexico Felipe Calderon launches a drug crackdown at the US/Mexico Tijuana crossing and no drugs turn up. It certainly is going to take an ongoing effort to combat the drug dealers, but this is a nice start. Particularly, stripping the local police of their weapons is quite a bold step.

Read the January 7,2007 article in the Los Angeles Times “Not a whiff of drug trade found in Tijuana stops, Mexico's crackdown appears to have brought to a standstill the flow of illicit narcotics from the city to the U.S.” by Sam Enriquez.

■ “the German shepherd mix [drug sniffing dog] found not a speck of illegal powder among the hundreds of vehicles pulled over for inspection.
■ “none of the 3,300 army, navy and federal police officers brought here to crack down on drug-gang violence have turned up any kind of dope among the thousands of vehicles searched at random during the first five days of Mexican President Felipe Calderon's ‘Operation Tijuana’."
■ “Calderon dispatched his federal forces to stem the violence that killed more than 300 people here last year. On Thursday, local police were stripped of their weapons until federal authorities could weed out any officers on the payroll of warring drug cartels.”


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