Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bush is a Shrewd Diplomat on Global Warming

President George W. Bush met with allies at the recent G-8 meetings and was pressured to pusue command and control solutions to address Global Warming and greenhouse gas emissions. How did Bush do?

Read POTOMAC WATCH June 8, 2007 column by Kimberley A. Strassel. She says “Just call him George W. Bush, star international diplomat. Bush 1, Greens 0”.

■ “Bush has pushed hard for more nuclear, with its bountiful energy at zero C02 cost”
■ “Bush's insistence that any ‘global’ program must include big emitters such as China and India (Kyoto doesn't)”

Results from the most recent G-8 meeting? Its declaration:
■ “far from mandatory targets, instead sets a "global goal" of halving emissions by 2050. It invites the "major emerging economies" to join in this endeavor.”
■ “It acknowledges that different approaches across the world can ‘coordinate rather than compete’."
■ “It reports that ‘technology is a key to mastering climate change’ "
■ “It admits that ‘over the next 25 years, fossil fuels will remain the world's dominant source of energy,’ and talks up the ‘peaceful use of nuclear energy’ It even explains that any program ‘must be undertaken in a way that supports growth in developing, emerging and industrialized economies’."


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