Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bush: Bring 'em on Is Working

See discussion in the fighting on the War on Terror, "Pakistan and Iraq" at

I think George W Bush’s “bring ‘em on” strategy is working quite nicely”. Particularly after watching THE WAR on PBS and regularly seeing SNAFU and FUBAR in World War II.

I asked a friend why Al Qaeda not only has not successfully attacked the US in six years, but only two successful attacks in the west (Madrid in March 2003 and London in July 2005). See list of Al Qaeda terrorists attacks at Outside of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, zero attacks in 2006 and only Algeria in so far in 2007.

I said if I was Al Qaeda, and if the US fighting back just created many more terrorists, I would be blowing up a mall or power plant every month. My friend says he thinks it is not due to our efforts in fighting back, but rather that Al Qaeda is just bidding their time.


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