Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dan Freeman Appreciates Golf – Claims Gene Felder Does Not

I received this email from Dan Freeman see http://www.firsteam.com/dfreeman/
To: Gene Felder
Subject: Re: Aliso Creek Canyon walk-a-round on Saturday, May 10th from 2 to 5 P.M

I have absolutely no interest in supporting your misguided effort to have the golf course eliminated from Aliso Canyon. Obviously, you know nothing about golf and therefore have no appreciation for all that the game entails. That golf course has been enjoyed for many, many years by local residents as well as visitors and I'm confident that that will continue to be the case.

Dan Freeman

I responded:
You probably are right. I do golf occasionally but always stink up the course.

I have taken a golf course at Cal State Fullerton so you are off base in my knowledge of the game. I even passed the course.

Please go to the walk-a-round and give your input to the City Council that the golf course should be retained.

Gene Felder


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