Monday, March 09, 2009

Obama's Double Talk On the Budget

See March 9, 2009 "Obama's Double Talk On the Budget" by Robert Samuelson at
Article includes:

■ "Obama is a great pretender. He repeatedly says he is doing things that he isn't, trusting his powerful rhetoric to obscure the difference. He has made "responsibility" a personal theme; the budget's cover line is 'A New Era of Responsibility'. He says the budget begins 'making the tough choices necessary to restore fiscal discipline' It doesn't."
■ "Assume that Obama wins reelection. By his last year, 2016, the economy presumably will have long recovered. What does his final budget look like? Well, it runs a $637 billion deficit, equal to 3.2 percent of the economy (gross domestic product), projects Obama's Office of Management and Budget."

■ "Confidence (too little) and uncertainty (too much) define this crisis. Obama's double talk reduces the first and raises the second. He says he's focused on reviving the economy, but he's also using the crisis to advance an ambitious long-term agenda."


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