Sunday, July 05, 2009

President Obama Sides with Thugs Not Democracy

See New York Post July 5, 2009 editorial “BAM'S BLUNDERS ABROAD” NYPost July09 at
■ “It took a week for President Obama to say something of substance against the violent repression of anti-government protesters in Iran. Fear of meddling, he said, was the reason for the delay.”
■ “Yet it took just hours for him to publicly denounce the removal of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, an ally of Venezuelan America-hater Hugo Chavez, by that nation's army and demand his immediate reinstatement. No fear of meddling this time.”
■ The "banana republic" military coup was nothing of the sort -- that Zelaya's ouster was meant to preserve Honduran democracy, not suppress it.”
■ “Zelaya's removal, after all, came at the direct order of the Honduran Supreme Court and was approved by both the nation's attorney general and its Congress.”
■ “Replacing Zelaya as president was not a military junta but the head of the Congress, a member of Zalaya's own political party, which had declared him unfit for public office. And the replacement immediately called for new national elections and vowed to abide by the results.”



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