Thursday, December 02, 2010

Obama Sabotages Republican Leaders Press Conference

Is President Obama cool? Or is he cold? Or is he quite petty, hypocritical and disingenuous?

What do you make of this in Dana Milbank’s column?


“Slurpee Summit full of empty calories” by Dana Milbank Washington Post column Wednesday, December 1, 2010
“Republicans made plans to speak to TV cameras in the White House driveway immediately after the session, but then the White House announced that Obama would be making a televised statement at 12:20. Republican leaders, in response, announced a news conference on Capitol Hill for 12:30. Obama then delayed his 12:20 statement, and, before Republicans could complete their news conference, he began his dueling statement - forcing the cable networks to ditch the GOP event.
The White House, in turn, did its best to make sure the visiting Republican leaders wouldn't get a chance at the spotlight. Photographers and TV cameras were not admitted to the room for the customary ‘spray’ - a few seconds to shoot photos or roll tape. And the ‘stakeout’ location in the West Wing driveway - the spot where White House visitors address the cameras - was rendered inhospitable by a fleet of backhoes and cement trucks working on a construction project.
That was about the time Obama began his competing statement, which included a lament about the ‘hyperpartisan climate’ in which ‘both sides come to the table. They read their talking points. Then they head out to the microphones, trying to win the news cycle instead of solving problems.’ Obama called that ‘a game that we can't afford.’
The statement might have carried more weight if Obama hadn't just preempted his opponents' news conference.”



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