Friday, July 29, 2005

Support California Proposition 77 – End Gerrymandering in California

Gerrymandering has always been an unseemly part of politics. Many politicians feel themselves superior where corners can be cut to get elected. They justify this as they are noble and will do the right thing. This attitude together with modern computers has taken us to the present situation in the United States – a basic loss of competitive elections.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger State of the State speech January 5, 2005
“we must make California’s elections democratic once again.
When I was studying to take my citizenship test, I learned about gerrymandering and how politicians changed the boundaries of a voting area to protect themselves. For a long time I thought that was something that happened way back in the 1800’s, but the practice is still alive and well today.
Here is a telling statistic: 153 of California’s congressional and legislative seats were up in the last election and not one changed parties.
What kind of democracy is that?
I will propose that an independent panel of retired judges-not politicians-determine California’s legislative and congressional districts.
They can draw fair, honest district lines that make politicians of both parties accountable to the people.
The current system is rigged to benefit the interests of those in office . . . not the interests of those who put them there. And we must reform it.”

“When we ask them to risk their lives for democracy over there, how dare we not take the risk to reform our democracy here!
Our troops should come home to a government as noble as their sacrifice.”

From Sacramento Union

Prop 77 is a very courageous step for the Governor to take, and the election on November 8, 2005 a most important one.

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