Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Afghanistan Voters Defy Islamofascists Death Threats

Millions Vote in Afghanistan Parliamentary Elections 9/18/05 and Defy Islamofascists Death Threats

How's the track record of those unwilling to fight for anything?

"The administration has bungled the challenge [in Afghanistan].. ... The war effort is in deep trouble. The United States is not headed into a quagmire; it's already in one The U.S. is not losing the first round against the Taliban; it has already lost it." Los Angeles Times, Nov. 4, 2001

Hat tip The Belmont Club Rumsfeld Press Conference Sept 20 05

Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
“On Sunday [September 18, 2005] the people of Afghanistan voted in their second successful democratic election in less than one year. These were their provincial and parliamentary elections. Terrorists have done everything in their power to try to intimidate the millions of Afghan voters and the literally thousands, in this case of the most recent election, thousands of candidates from participating in their elections. And they failed this week, just as they failed in the successful presidential elections.”

“Think of it. The country that hosted Osama bin Laden, that supported training camps for al Qaeda, endured decades of civil war, Soviet occupation, drought, Taliban brutality, is now a democracy that fights terrorists instead of harboring them. The Afghan people's courage should be a stunning reminder to all of those seemingly self- confident prognosticators who foresaw an Afghan quagmire. They were not just wrong, they were harmful by making the cause seem hopeless.”

“In thinking about Afghanistan and Iraq, we should ask what history will say. It will not be the daily violence or short-term setbacks, nor which person won the battle for a daily headline by predicting doom and gloom over and over. Instead, it will show that the battle in Afghanistan and Iraq was tough and ugly, to be sure, but that America was on freedom's side, and it will remember the millions of people who have been freed and the hundreds of thousands of coalition forces who helped them achieve that freedom.”


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