Saturday, December 24, 2005

Democracy Needs Losers to Accept Election Results

Iraq Sunnis and US Democrats Should Be Loyal Opposition

See Los Angeles Times December 24, 2005 editorial Winners and losers in Iraq

“PRESIDENT BUSH IS FOND OF berating opponents of the Iraq war who allegedly
claim that Arab nations such as Iraq aren't ready for democracy. The president
now needs to explain democracy to Iraq's Sunnis and let them know that in
elections like the one held last week, the group with the most votes wins.”

“A joint statement by nearly three dozen political groups that did poorly in the election, and want the results investigated by the United Nations, the European Union or the Arab League, has the stench of sour grapes. The organizations threatened to boycott Iraq's new legislature if their demand is not met. They should get over it, like the losers of elections in all democratic countries.”
“Sour grapes” “They should get over it” Like the Democratic Party in the United States?

The loyal opposition has a duty to scrutinize the winners’ legislation and programs, but should not obstruct the government from functioning. Certainly using filibusters, developed and used primarily to extend slavery and civil rights abuses, to obstruct the winners’ legislation is reprehensible.

During a time of war, the loyal opposition has the duty to cooperate fully in the war effort. The Democrats have encouraged the enemy and disparaged the efforts of the allies of the United States. This is also reprehensible.


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