Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Big Spending Has It Right

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger initiated his recall campaign of former Governor Gray Davis saying "The politicians are fiddling, fumbling and failing”. After being beaten overwhelmingly in Schwarzenegger’s reform initiative ballot measures November 2005, how’s he doing?

What do you think of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Strategic Growth Plan for California's Future?

If you think his new budget containing big increases in education spending, canceling the scheduled fee increases for University of California and California State College students, and his proposal for bond measures indebting California for $68 billion is strange…..consider this:


Now that you understand that, spending the money on roads, levees, water systems, school buildings, etc. is the practical conservative approach. Thanks to the Bush economy and Schwarzenegger’s more business friendly policies, the tax revenue is rolling in. If all the money is going to be spent (no chance for considering tax reductions), let’s spend the money on things that will actually improve the quality of life of Californians.

The Democratic party priority is to spend money to reward their public union, tort attorneys, and the poor constituencies to obtain campaign donations and solid voting blocks in return. Their priority will be to create programs, expand existing programs, provide higher compensation packages that will help the Democrats politically, but would not help the quality of life of the average Californian.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ballot reform initiatives were noble, and it is a shame that the public union deceitful big spending attacks led to their defeat. Trying it all again would be noble but dumb. The smart approach is what the Governor is doing. I think he has an excellent of succeeding.

Conservatives should support the Governor and go read “Wedding of the Waters” by Peter L Bernstein. The books subtitle is “The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation”. Bernstein says that New York Governor DeWitt Clinton and all that just looked at the geography of the United States would of course conclude that New Orleans would be the greatest and most important city in the United States as river transportation brought goods down the mighty Mississippi River. What change that? What was the transformative event. It was the building the Erie Canal that connected New York City with the Great Lakes. Immediately the transportation costs from Chicago to New York dropped tremendously.

What would be transformative projects for California? That’s what conservatives should concentrate on. Obviously, it would be easy to squander the money. The construction and private sector unions will be allies of the Governor and happy to build any project. We ain’t gonna get tax cuts. The money is rolling in. Let’s try to figure out what projects would provide the biggest improvements in transportation, education, and environment so we get the very most for our money.


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