Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Water Returns to Iraqi Marshlands

Environmentalists should hate Saddam Hussein, and appreciate President George W. Bush putting an end to Saddam damaging the environment. A caller to the show says Saddam will be tried for crimes against humanity including his attacks on the Iraqi marshlands. Hugh provided this link BBC August 2005 Water returns to Iraqi marshlands story on progress restoring the Iraqi marshlands.

■ “Water returns to Iraqi marshlands”
■ “The marshlands of Iraq, which were drained during the early 1990s, are returning to their original state.”
■ “Under Saddam Hussein, the area of marsh was reduced to a tenth of its former size, as the government punished people living there for acts of rebellion.”
■ “The latest United Nations data shows that nearly 40% of the area has been restored to its original condition.”
■ " ‘The near-total destruction of the Iraqi marshlands under the regime of Saddam Hussein was a major ecological and human disaster, robbing the Marsh Arabs of a centuries-old culture and way of life as well as food in the form of fish and that most crucial of natural resources - drinking water,’ United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) executive director Klaus Toepfer said in a statement.”


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