Monday, February 20, 2006

Democrat Gerrymandering in Georgia?

Know someone very angry with Tom Delay for gerrymandering in Texas?

There is an interesting fact in A Lesson From Hamas: Read the Voting Law's Fine Print in February 19, 2006 New York Times by James Glanz.

He writes:
“2004 Georgia Congressional elections. In those elections, with 13 seats up for grabs, 1.8 million votes were cast for Republicans, who won 7 seats, and 1.1 million for Democrats, who won 6.”

■ Georgia Democrats got 1.1 million congressional votes or 38% of the vote but elected 6 Congressmen or 46% of the total
■ Georgia Repulicans got 1.8 million congressional votes or 62% of the vote but only elected 7 Congressmen or 54% of the total


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