Monday, January 16, 2006

The Abramoff Scandal – Was There Corruption?

I received an email stating “Forty of forty five members of the Democrat Senate Caucus took money from Jack Abramoff, his associates, and Indian tribe clients”.

By stating that Democrats as well as Republicans have taken Abramoff money reinforces the idea that there is corruption in Congress. As far as I can see the list is one of legal campaign donations. The money is spread around to many from many sources. Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy (Teddy’s son) received something like $100,000; do you think he could be bribed for that amount? Particularly, when it’s over five or six years?

I keep on asking what the Tribes and Jack Abramoff got for their money?

I don’t accept access as an example of corruption. I don’t, but many politicians genuinely feel that the monopoly gambling is a good thing to give the Indian tribes.

In my reading Abramoff fleeced money from the Indian tribes and should go to jail. He has also pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to bribe public officials. He committed this crime whether he successfully got anything.

He may very well produce some damning evidence as the prosecutors have 500,000 of his emails. To date, I have read that Republican Congressman Ney placed something in the Congressional Record and his House Administration Committee voted for some contract and we do need to know the details. I read that Democratic Senator Harry Reid wrote a letter in support, and shortly thereafter got a $5,000 donation.

No country (no time in American history) has enjoyed purer governance if these are egregious examples of corruption.

Now if you want corruption, just go to big City politics. Say, New Orleans where several hundred Police officers, although costing the taxpayers, were non-existent and provided the citizens no protection.


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