Sunday, April 30, 2006

If The US Had Double The Troops In Iraq, We Would Have Doubled The US Fatalities

It is repeated so often that it’s accepted as conventional wisdom that the United States sent too few troops into Iraq. This is ticked off as the top error number one. Even those who opposed sending any troops into Iraq now fault President Bush for sending too few troops.

Is there another side to this argument? Yes, there is.

The international rules of war are very nice. The military of one side uses force to destroy the fighting capability of the other side which must display their weapons in the open, wear uniforms or insignia, and not unnecessarily endanger non-combatants.

So our guys should kill the enemy combatants in Iraq. Unfortunately, our troops do not know who to kill right now. Why? Because the enemy is operating outside the international rule of law. Not only are they hiding among noncombatant civilians, they deliberately target civilians. Some in the US justify their actions.

If the US had double the troops in Iraq, we would have doubled the US fatalities by now. The enemy would have double the targets while we still would not have identified to us who to fight.

From mid 2003, US commanders have said that we needed better intelligence; that means we need information from Iraqis on who to capture or kill. The problem with liberating Iraq is that Saddam Hussein, a brutal dictator, had done an excellent job of intimidating the populace. I don’t blame them; I would kowtow too.

The solution to many problems is patience. Our Iraqi allies have successfully conducted three elections in 2005 despite the intimidation of Islamofascists. I certainly wouldn’t have the courage to vote if threatened with violence, and having to dip my finger in purple ink. I am impressed when 70% or 11,000,000 Iraqis vote; others in the US are not. Despite a two-thirds vote requirement, the elected Iraqi Parliament elected a new Prime Minister who has thirty days to form a government.

Is there a plan? Yes. With a legitimate elected government, more Iraqi citizens will assist in tracking down the Islamofascists so they can be killed by the plentiful US, coalition, and Iraqi troops available. Actually, they have already made significant progress.


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