Monday, July 10, 2006

Change Light Bulbs To Combat Global Warming

Besides hating George W. Bush, what are you doing to combat global warming? You might read the July 2, 2006 Andy McSmith article in England’s The Independent A bright idea: How changing light bulbs helps beat global warming (and cut bills)

Many conservative friends of mine think that the global warming talk is just a tactic to enlarge the size of government and its control over ordinary citizens. For those genuinely concerned, the article provides some suggestions for each of us to consider doing: Check out and consider changing your light bulbs.

The article includes:
Ø “The simple use of current technology could have a dramatic impact on global warming, if only we would adopt it. The low-energy light bulb and other efficient lighting systems could prevent a cumulative total of 16 billion tons of carbon from being added to the world's atmosphere over the next 25 years, according to a report by the International Energy Agency.”
Ø “far from costing money - it would save more than £1,300bn. The light used for homes and offices is a major cause of climate change”
Ø “Artificial light accounts for almost one-fifth of the world's electricity consumption. It generates around 1.9 billion tons worth of carbon a year, equivalent to nearly three quarters of the carbon coming from the exhaust of all the cars and light vehicles in the world.”
Ø "When the operating costs are considered, [low-energy light bulb] they save far more money in avoided energy bills than they cost."
Ø “Britain's Lighting Industry Federation says "a substantial proportion, if not a majority" of lighting installations in the UK use inefficient systems, and efficient bulbs and control could reduce the average bill by 30 per cent without any reduction in the amount of light provided.”
Ø “Adopting the IEA's proposals would put an end to the standard incandescent light bulb, which has been in use since the 1880s. Bulbs like these give off almost 20 times as much heat as light, and, the report warns, might require additional air-conditioning energy for heat removal.”
Ø “If every American home switched their five most-used light fittings to energy-saving bulbs, they would save $6bn (£3.2bn) and reduce greenhouse gases by nearly half a million tons.”


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