Sunday, July 30, 2006

Concerned About Civilians’ Death? What about the Congo?

Those who express concern about the deaths of civilians and particularly children need to explain if their outrage is selective. What have they and the United Nations done about the deaths of two million infants in the Congo over the last eight years? That’s a lot of deaths.

Read New York Times July 30, 2006 article War’s Chaos Steals Congo’s Young by the Millions by Lydia Polgreen:

“Though Congo’s civil war supposedly ended four years ago, and the nation’s
first democratic elections in more than four decades are scheduled for Sunday,
the fighting and chaos here continue to kill about 1,250 people each day, mostly
from hunger and disease. In all, nearly four million people have died as a
result of the conflict since 1998, almost half of them children under the age of
5, according to the International Rescue Committee.”


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