Monday, July 24, 2006

Time to Redeploy Brilliant Pebbels

President Bill Clinton Inhibited Missile Defense

July 24, 2006 Letter to the Editor in the Wall Street Journal from Harry E. Thayer Kensington, California

"In addition to the currently successful Aegis and Thaad defenses, we also urgently need the Brilliant Pebbles kinetic satellites and the laser satellites. Both had completed their ground-based development and testing, with the next required step being the building and deploying of test satellites. Brilliant Pebbles was ready for this step in January 1993 and the laser in October 1997. Bill Clinton could not see beyond the ABM Treaty, however, and cancelled both programs.

The addition of the two satellite weapons to Thaad and Aegis will give us the layered missile defense that we so urgently need, and should have and could have deployed years ago."


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