Saturday, October 07, 2006

Red Flag Necessary to Investigate Men Interfacing with Boys

All want to work diligently to keep pedophiles from harming children. But is the new standard that any suspicious act should be seen as a red flag? Is that enough for a full and thorough investigation to then be conducted including reading personal emails?

I think that any investigation should require some evidence of wrong doing.

What about when a man who spends a lot of time with boys? I am a stepfather who coached many Little Leagues teams and umpired many games. Also, I was involved with boys in AYSO, Pop Warner, and Indian Guides. Is it suspicious that none of these boys were my real sons?

I am sure I was seen hugging boys and patting them on their butts. Many times there was no other coach, so I was alone on the practice field with the boys. Is that suspicious enough for a full investigation?

I mention being a stepparent as I resent the way stepparents are depicted in movies, etc. However, I am more concerned for my gay friends. What’s the threshold required to conduct an investigation of a single man who volunteers to spend time working with boys? I hope it’s some evidence of wrong doing.

Congressman Mark Foley’s instant messages were the “smoking gun” proving improper behavior, but in the initial emails according to ABC News “Foley asks the young man how old he is, what he wants for his birthday and requests a photo of him” and not close to any evidence of wrong doing.

A parent responding with a demand for no future contact is fine, but not for the government to conduct an investigation.


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