Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gen Petraeus Plan in Iraq

In WONDER LAND, the Wall Street Journal column by Daniel Henninger January 12, 2007 “Unity of Effort”, he provided information I had not seen elsewhere regarding Gen. David Petraeus’ plan in Iraq:

■ “U.S.'s primary problem in Iraq … has been an urban insurgency in a 30-mile radius around Baghdad and in Anbar province.”
■ “The Petraeus command is the overdue beginning of the counterinsurgency.”
■ “product of an enormous amount of self-criticism and analysis done by military and civilian analysts”
■ “Army's new Counterinsurgency Manual, released just last month. The manual's drafting was overseen by Gen. David Petraeus, who will now direct the U.S. military effort”
■ “the plan divides Baghdad into nine districts, essentially neighborhoods”
■ “security in each district will be undertaken by an Iraqi army brigade of several thousand soldiers, a U.S. support battalion of up to 1,000 troops, and most importantly, about 20 U.S. military embeds ”
■ To stay “with and [fight] with their Iraqi counterparts 24/7”.
■ “The manual describes in detail the purpose, theory, tactics and problems (including spikes in violence and casualties) likely to emerge during the new counterinsurgency strategy.”

New Army Counterinsurgency Manual is at



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