Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Burning Dung and Biomass Contribute to Global Warming

The particles reflect sunlight initially contributing to cooling, but overtime the greenhouse gases contribute to global warming. Let’s get those poor folks burning dung electricity from zero-greenhouse gas emitting nuclear power plants.

See Stanford University Science Daily August 24, 2004 article “Global Warming, Climate, Environmental Issues, Nature, Acid Rain, Air Quality

■ Burnt wood “gases and particles … cause short-term global cooling, but over decades the gases overwhelm this cooling effect to cause long-term global warming”
■ “Of the carbon dioxide that we humans contribute, one-third is from the burning of biomass, such as forests, grasslands and agricultural crops.”
■ “Biomass is sometimes burned for fuel, as when people in villages burn dung to heat homes or cook meals.”
■ “biomass is also burned to clear land, rid debris from old crops or perform rituals”
■ "the particles from biomass burning are health hazards”


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