Monday, March 12, 2007

The 'Surge' in Iraq Is Succeeding

Did you read The 'Surge' Is Succeeding
Washington Post Sunday, March 11, 2007 op/ed piece by Robert Kagan
Hat tip Cigar Joe.

■ “I wonder if The Post and other newspapers have a backup plan in case it [the Surge in Iraq] does.”

■ “Four months later, the once insurmountable political opposition has been surmounted. The nonexistent troops are flowing into Iraq. And though it is still early and horrible acts of violence continue, there is substantial evidence that the new counterinsurgency strategy, backed by the infusion of new forces, is having a significant effect.”

■ “Some observers are reporting the shift. Iraqi bloggers Mohammed and Omar Fadhil, widely respected for their straight talk, say that "early signs are encouraging." The first impact of the "surge," they write, was psychological. Both friends and foes in Iraq had been convinced, in no small part by the American media, that the United States was preparing to pull out. When the opposite occurred, this alone shifted the dynamic.”

■ “The Fadhils report, "One difference between this and earlier -- failed -- attempts to secure Baghdad is the willingness of the Iraqi and U.S. governments to commit enough resources for enough time to make it work." In the past, bursts of American activity were followed by withdrawal and a return of the insurgents. Now, the plan to secure Baghdad "is becoming stricter and gaining momentum by the day as more troops pour into the city, allowing for a better implementation of the 'clear and hold' strategy." Baghdadis "always want the 'hold' part to materialize, and feel safe when they go out and find the Army and police maintaining their posts -- the bad guys can't intimidate as long as the troops are staying."


Blogger ....And Then There's CrushCans said...

I hope and pray that the LW's in the media can get it right - eventually.

My only gripe about how the war has progressed it that the we have not exerted the full force of our military capabilities to claim victory even sooner.

Mike Rosekrans
Laguna Beach

March 31, 2007  

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