Friday, June 29, 2007

Democratic Party Continually Pushed the Expansion Of Slavery

The Laguna Beach Independent published a letter-to-the-editor criticizing me for “downright misleading trail of innuendo, mis-infor-mation leading to pretty far-fetched conclusions”. The letter included “Dems brought slavery …to the forefront and real reform”. This is historically inaccurate as the Democratic Party continually and consistently pushed or facilitated the expansion of slavery. This included Democrat President James K. Polk of Tennessee, Democrat President Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire, Democrat President James Buchanan of Pennsylvania, Democrat Chief Justice Roger Taney of Maryland, and Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois among many others.

From Ulysses S. Grant’s “Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant” (New York, 1885), pages 22-24.” see
“Texas was originally a state belonging to the republic of Mexico. ...An empire in territory, it had but a very sparse population, until settled by Americans who had received authority from Mexico to colonize. These colonists paid very little attention to the supreme government, and introduced slavery into the state almost from the start, though the constitution of Mexico did not, nor does it now, sanction that institution. Soon they set up an independent government of their own, and war existed, between Texas and Mexico, in name from that time until 1836, when active hostilities very nearly ceased upon the capture of Santa Ana, the Mexican President. Before long, however, the same people-who with the permission of Mexico had colonized Texas, and afterwards set up slavery there, and then seceded as soon as they felt strong enough to do so-offered themselves and the State to the United States, and in 1845 their offer was accepted. The occupation, separation and annexation were, from the inception of the movement to its final culmination, a conspiracy to acquire territory out of which slave states might be formed for the American Union.”


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