Friday, November 23, 2007

UCI Professor Joie Jones Criticizes Gene Felder

Letter-to-the-Editor published in Laguna Beach Independent November 23, 2007 Global warming is a hoax and the world is flat

Gene Felder, in his latest missive to the Independent (Nov 16, 2007), suggests that global warming is a hoax since extreme weather patterns fluctuate so widely and unpredictably.
As usual, Mr. Felder almost always has his facts correct but fails to include certain key elements that would invalidate his original conclusions.

Yes, local weather patterns have fluctuated chaotically throughout recorded history; however, the point is, that even with these variations, the world wide average temperature has slowly risen since such measurements were first made prior to the Industrial Revolution and such temperature increases correlate directly with the amount of carbon dioxide generated as a consequence of population growth and industrialization. The present level of population density and carbon-based industrialization is producing an exponential increase in the average world wide temperature, which, if not dramatically reduced over the next decade will lead to an environmental disaster that human-kind is unlikely to survive. Yes, Mr. Felder, global warming is real and is without question the greatest problem the world community has ever faced.

To continue to believe that global warming is a hoax is akin to believing that the world is flat, in contradiction to all available scientific data to the contrary. Mr. Felder’s views on global warming are at least consistent with his continued support of the present national administration in which facts and truth are never allowed to alter belief or faith.

Joie Jones
Laguna Beach


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