Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hillary Not Much Liked

From Wall Street Journal Political Diary December 4, 2007
Quote of the Day
"[Hillary] Clinton might be the frontrunner in the polls, but almost everywhere we went people questioned her candidacy.... While we found many people who hated Mrs. Clinton, those who loved her were few and far between. Certainly, many said they would vote for her, but the reasons cited tended to be her status as the top Democrat, the fact that she was battle-tested against Republicans and -- for some women -- the fact that she would be the first female president. Such support might register in the opinion polls, but could melt away should the former First Lady lose in Iowa. And the frequently expressed nightmare for Democrats is that she will win their party's nomination but lose to a Republican next November when most Americans decide they don't much like her" -- Washington bureau chief Toby Harnden, writing in Britain's Daily Telegraph, after a 10,000 mile journey across America talking with voters.


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