Friday, February 22, 2008

NY Times Ignorant that Eisenhower Carried Southern States

The New York Times is apparently not aware that Dwight Eisenhower carried southern states including four former Confederate states.

Printed in The New York Times Magazine Sunday, December 30, 2007, the obituary by Rick Perlstein regarding Harry Dent included “The idea of a Southern state delivering its electoral votes to [Republican] ‘the party of Lincoln’ would have seemed outrageous before the 1960s”.

See “The Southern Strategist” “He showed Republicans how to win Dixie” at

In 1952, even though the Democratic ticket was Adlai Stevenson for President and for Vice-President avowed segregationist Senator John Sparkman of Alabama, Republican candidate Dwight Eisenhower won the former confederate states of: Virginia, Florida, and Texas as well as Tennessee, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware, and Oklahoma.

In 1956, Eisenhower did even better carrying all the states noted above except Missouri and adding the former confederate state of Louisiana as well as Kentucky and West Virginia defeating the Stevenson- Kefauver Democratic ticket. The electoral vote was 457 to 73.

How such ignorance can be published in the New York Times is truly mindboggling.

Friday, February 15, 2008

TCA $100 Million Offer Really Was $30 Million One Dollar

I spent Wednesday, February 6th in Del Mar as the California Coastal Commission considered letting the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) build a six lane toll road through San Onofre State Park. When sick, I go to work as my employer has personal time off mixing vacation and sick days, but it was a day well spent as the Commissioners voted to save the park by a vote of 8 to 2.

Despite the fact that the current California State budget is $145 billion, something like forty Orange County elected officials addressed the California Coastal Commission and repeated the TCA’s bullet point that the $100 million dollars was a gift for the state parks that was desperately needed. The $100,000,000 TCA suggested mitigation measure is small compared to the $145,500,000,000 budget. In additional, the $100 million may really be only $30 million and one dollar.

The meeting started at 9 AM with the Toll Road agenda item starting about 10 AM. At 10 PM public input was closed and the Commissioners got their turn. A couple of Commissioners read their speeches from their laptop computers. Then it was Commissioner Steve Blank’s turn, a fairly new member appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who said he did not have a prepared speech, but was confused and asked TCA CEO Tom Margro to return to the podium. It was the highlight of the meeting. I do not know if this is verbatim, but it does sound very close to what was said (from who did manage to get the commissioner’s name wrong which I have corrected):

COMMISIONER BLANK: “I was led to understand [San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’s] operating license was contingent upon having an approved evacuation plan. Has the government declared their plan inadequate?”
TCA CEO: No - but can I elaborate?
COMMISIONER BLANK: No, thank you, you’ve answered the question.
Commissioner Blank then cited the TCA’s threat that it could cost $70 Million to renew the lease for the state park.
COMMISIONER BLANK: “Has the Navy ever denied the renewal of a lease of a state park?”
TCA CEO: “I can’t answer that question.”
COMMISIONER BLANK: “I believe the answer is no.”
Commissioner Blank went on to cite law and fair market value which would potentially allow for the lease to be renewed at less than $70 Million.
COMMISIONER BLANK: “Doesn’t this mean there is a clear path for the lease to be renewed at a price other than $70 Million dollars?”
TCA CEO: “It’s possible.”
COMMISIONER BLANK: “Since Navy didn’t ask for $70 million dollars … Is it possible that they might ask for a dollar in 2021?”
TCA CEO: “If they make findings.”
COMMISIONER BLANK: “So really at best it’s a $30 Million dollar proposal”
TCA CEO: “I would say it is a $100 million dollar proposal – for state parks.”
COMMISIONER BLANK: “Or a $30 Million dollar proposal?”
TCA CEO: “Or $30 million – which still benefits state parks.”
COMMISIONER BLANK: “I have another question - Is there a price tag for a state park?
TCA CEO: “Not that I’m aware of.”

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is CHANGE to Cradle-to-Grave Welfare State?

Cradle-to-grave welfare state?
Is it working well in Europe?
■ Sweden 21% Youth Unemployed (ages 15-24)
■ Many never get first job
■ 27 EU 17.4% Youth Unemployed (ages 15-24)