Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tea Party Reporting at Laguna Beach Main Beach on Tax Day April 15th

I was disappointed at the Laguna Beach Independent coverage of the Tea Party at Main Beach on Tax Day April 15th. As an officer of the Laguna Beach Historical Society and Laguna Canyon Conservancy, I have frequently viewed what 125 people assembled look like. I estimated that about 500 citizens protested, not the "Nearly 200 demonstrators" "reported" by the Laguna Beach Independent.

Over the years, I have held many a sign at Main Beach, and this was the first where there was near continuous horn honking from supporters in cars driving by.
Protestors are concerned about the excessive spending of the Obama administration, that the idea of borrowing and spending leading to prosperity is not smart, but rather one that is unlikely to be successful. This "change" is an old idea tried many times in the past and a policy that has never been successful.

If tremendous government spending would lead to prosperity then Zimbabwe would be prosperous. If command and control was effective, the Soviet Union would be a super power.

The Laguna Beach Independent did not mention that it was a most cold and windy day. There were other signs that was not mentioned including:

See contemptible "Contemporary Tea Party" at
"Nearly 200 demonstrators from around the county lined Main Beach on Tax Day, April 15, to protest an array of federal policies, one of similar events nationwide. Their signs included "Stop Socialism," "Send the Illegals Back Home," "Where is John Galt?" and "Taxed Enough Already." Only a handful of Laguna Beach residents participated."


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