Monday, August 17, 2009

Repeal the Ill Conceived Obama Stimulus - Stop the Madness

See August 17 2009 article
"Poll: 57% don't see stimulus working"

Increased government spending from increased government borrowing is stupid economics, even if good political pandering to voters.

From the article by Brad Heath in USA TODAY "Six months after President Obama launched a $787 billion plan to right the nation's economy, a majority of Americans think the avalanche of new federal aid has cost too much and done too little to end the recession."

See USA TODAY and Gallup Poll at

Seventy-eight percent of Americans are very or somewhat "worried, that money from the economic stimulus plan is being wasted?"

"Since the [Obama Stimulus] plan began, however, the recession has left an additional 2.2 million Americans without jobs, according to Labor Department surveys."

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