Sunday, January 24, 2010

Did Obama Buy the Election?

From November 3, 2008 at
■ "Public financing limits candidates to spending $84.1 million on their general campaign. The money is provided to them in the form of a grant from the U.S. Treasury." "Obama's choice to turn down public financing and McCain's choice to accept it helped create a relatively large campaign fundraising disparity.

■ "Overall, Obama has outspent McCain by nearly 3-to-1, but in the closing week it's been closer to 5-to-1."

■ "According to figures supplied by the campaign Media Analysis Group of TNS Media Intelligence, Obama has spent an estimated $280 million on TV advertising since Jan. 1 of last year through Nov. 1. McCain has spent less than half as much, just under $134 million, according to CMAG, which tracks advertising in the top TV markets."

■ "Those figures include amounts spent in both the primary and the general election campaigns. Since the two candidates clinched the nominations of their respective parties, the spending disparity has been greater, reflecting Obama's greater ability to attract private donations, and his decision to do without public funds or the spending limits that go with them."

■ "There's no question that Sen. Barack Obama, who opted out of the public financing system, has raised more money than anyone in the history of U.S. politics. As a result, Sen. John McCain, who opted to receive public financing, was at a stark financial disadvantage to his Democratic rival."

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