Friday, August 19, 2005

Did Cindy Sheehan Sign Casey Up for the Army?

Who should decide who is in the US volunteer Armed Services?

Hat tip to Jody who likes Bob Herbert’s suggestion of sending the children of the privileged classes to Iraq. Jody says "Amen to This …Let’s start with the Bush twins..."

See Bob Herbert New York Times column "Blood Runs Red, Not Blue"
- "The war is going badly …but there is no real sense,…in the nation at large, that anything momentous is at stake."
- "Bush is bicycling as soldiers and marines are dying"
- "The loudest of the hawks are the least likely to send their sons or daughters off to Iraq"
- "If Mr. Bush were willing to do something he has refused to do so far - speak plainly and honestly to the American people about this war … the next appropriate step would be to ask all Americans to do their part for the war effort.
- "If the war in Iraq is worth fighting … then it's worth fighting with the children of the privileged classes"

Asking Congressmen to sign their children up for the US Armed Forces is perhaps a crowd pleasing "Fahrenheit 911" scene, but it’s ignoring the fact that men and woman volunteer, and they cannot legally be signed up by their parents.

The all-volunteer Armed Forces should be self-describing: people who qualify can voluntarily join the United States armed forces. For example, Cindy Sheehan’s son Casey Sheehan at the age of 20 volunteered for the US Army. At the age of 24, this brave man, re-enlisted with the knowledge that he would be sent to Iraq. Although, he was a mechanic, he volunteered to go on a rescue mission in Bagdad’s Sadr City to help his fellow soldiers. There, he paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life for his country. See "‘Black Sunday’ in Sadr City, April 4, 2004"

Casey Sheehan’s country honored him with a purple heart and bronze star. Cindy Sheehan belittles his sacrifice exploiting her own son’s death for political purposes. She claims that President Bush lied and she and Bob Herbert want to know why we are in this war. President Bush explained this many times. They are the same reasons given by President Bill Clinton when he authorized military force in Iraq.

Bill Clinton’s December 1998 speech to nation
- "This situation presents a clear and present danger. The international community gave Saddam one last chance …And so we had to act and act now."
- "Iraq would be free to retain and begin to rebuild its chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs in months, not years. .. someday -- make no mistake he will use it again as he has in the past."

The War on Terror is being fought on many fronts: military, economic, diplomatic, as well as the counter intelligence activities of our spy agencies.

In all past wars, citizens at home helped the war effort through rationing diverting all useful materials. Otherwise, they went about their lives working, going to school, shopping, playing, etc. Since economic strength is paramount for the United States war effort, it is laudable for American citizens to be going about their lives working and "in the pursuit of happiness". For example, ideas like tax hikes if they would harm the US economy would be counterproductive in waging the War on Terror.

See T. Bevan’s take on this at THE LEFT'S WAR CONTRACT:


Blogger Gene Felder said...

From Cindy Sheehan:
Drudge Quotes Cindy Sheehan

"The whole world is damaged. Our humanity is damaged. If he thinks that it’s so important for Iraq to have a U.S.-imposed sense of freedom and democracy, then he needs to sign up his two little party-animal girls. They need to go to this war."


August 25, 2005  

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