Monday, August 15, 2005

Illegal Immigration and Bush’s Guest Worker Program

Hat tip John Fund Monday, August 15, 2005 Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal "Run for the Border, Democrats try to outflank the GOP on immigration"

"President Bush's guest-worker program is politically stalled because of fears it will turn into another ill-fated amnesty program like the 1986 reform. But clearly a properly designed guest-worker program has promise. As the Bracero program for agricultural workers expanded in the 1950s, arrests of illegal aliens fell from 885,000 in 1953 to as low as 45,000 in 1959. After the Bracero program ended in 1964, apprehensions increased from 87,000 to 876,000 in 1976. They have remained at roughly that level or even higher ever since."

Not all solutions are perfect. Considering the alternatives, President George W. Bush’s guest worker proposal seems to me to be the best.


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