Saturday, August 06, 2005

Facts from Iraq

Tony Snow filled in for Fred Barnes on Fox News “Beltway Boys” and mentioned “Iraq Index” by the liberal Brookings Institution at

Is it correct?

Telephone subscribers (landlines only, no cellular network)
Estimated prewar level: 833,000
June 2005: 3,801,822

Internet subscribers (does not include unregulated users of Internet cafes)
Estimated prewar level: 4,500
March 2005: 147,076

Prewar: zero commercial media outlets
May 2005:
Commercial TV Stations: 23
Commercial radio stations: 80
Independent newspapers and magazines: 170

Relative amount of car traffic (Prewar level 1.0)
July 2003: 1.0
January 2004: 2.0
July 2004: 3.0
January 2005: 5.0

Question To Iraqis: Is Iraq Moving in the Right or Wrong Direction? April 11-20, 2005
Right Direction: 67%
Wrong Direction: 20%

Question To Iraqis: How Do You Think Your Life Will Be a Year From Now?
Better: 82%
Worse: 3%

Iraqi Transitional Government Representative of Iraqi People
Do you feel that the new Iraqi Transitional Government is representative of the Iraqi people as a whole?
Very or generally representative: 72.8%
Not all or Not at all are represented: 18.7%

Do you prefer an Islamic government or a political system where citizens are allowed to practice their own religion?
Own religion: 59%
Islamic government: 34%


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