Monday, August 01, 2005

Hillary Clinton Not Likable Enough to Be President?

Hat Tip to T. Bevan at “Hillary’s Conundrum” Monday August 1, 2005

“There is considerable disagreement among Democrats as to whether Hillary, once nominated, will be able to seal the deal. Clinton-o-phile Harold Ickes told Time Magazine late last year he doesn't think she can get it done.
More recently, Ruy Teixeira, co-author of The Emerging Democratic Majority, told the Daily News that ‘people don't like to come out and say it because they don't like to tick her off, but privately most people don't think she can win’."
“Hillary's problem isn't that she's too liberal or too centrist, or that she's a woman, or that her husband is who he is. ‘Plainly put,’ Jacob Weisberg says, ‘it's her personality.’ He continues: ‘[Hillary] lacks a key quality that a politician can't achieve through hard work: likeability’.”

“Go read this lament from a liberal diarist over at Daily Kos to see just how right Weisberg is and just how much of an obstacle Hillary's public persona is going to be to her hope of becoming president in 2008.” At

DLC speech proves Hillary should not run in '08 by TrueBlueMajority Mon Aug 1st, 2005
“Earlier this evening on C-Span they replayed Hillary's DLC speech from July 25th.
It is supposed to be a visionary speech, outlining her hopes for Ohio and the country in 2020.
It's the most boring speech I have ever heard."

“Bottom line: Hillary Clinton has no ability to inspire. When she speaks, she doesn't even appear to be interested in her own words. She will be worse than Kerry (and I never thought I'd say that about anyone) in terms of not being able to generate emotional connection in the general electorate.”

“whether we think they should act that way or not, the vast majority of voters respond to presentation: emotional connection, personal identification, the general tone/atmosphere of a campaign, and a gut feeling of whether a candidate can be trusted. Hillary's skills on these intangibility scales are limited at best.”

“Given a choice between personality and policy, voters have been picking personality for the LAST SEVEN ELECTIONS.” “I'm on my knees. I'm begging all of you. Please please please O PLEASE let go of the idea of Hillary for the nomination in 2008.”


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