Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ghost New Orleans Police

A high crime city controlled by the Democratic Party uses taxpayer money not for public health and safety but for political patronage?

From John Fund in the Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal Political Diary (subscription required)
“New Orleans even less of a leg to stand on was the performance of its police force, much of which disintegrated during Katrina. Yesterday, police Superintendent Eddie Compass suddenly resigned even as his department was preparing to hold disciplinary hearings for 259 police officers who had left their posts without permission during the storm. Originally, over 500 officers were said to have been deserters, but the FBI is discovering that many of them fact didn't shirk their duty -- because they didn't exist. An investigation is uncovering evidence that many were ‘ghost’ employees put on the payroll by others who pocketed their paychecks.”

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