Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Proud of US Withdrawal from Vietnam?

Some remember the US withdrawal from Vietnam blissfully.

Let’s recap the facts:
Despite the signing of the1973 Vietnam Peace Accords with the last US combat troops leaving Vietnam on March 29, 1973, Democratic liberals abandoned our allies in Vietnam failing to fulfill our obligations.

Two years later, in 1975, the Democrats in Congress, "resisted President Gerald Ford’s January request for additional military aid to South Vietnam and Cambodia. This appropriation would have provided the beleaguered Cambodian and South Vietnamese militaries with ammunition, spare parts, and tactical weapons needed to continue their own defense. Despite the fact that the 1973 Paris Peace Accords called specifically for ‘unlimited military replacement aid’ for South Vietnam, by March the House Democratic Caucus voted overwhelmingly, 189-49, against any additional military assistance to Vietnam or Cambodia." (By James Webb former Navy Secretary http://www.taemag.com/issues/articleid.16181/article_detail.asp)

We abandoned our allies not to the Vietnam insurgency, but to a large conventional North Vietnamese army that invaded South Vietnam in violation of the Peace Accords. If we now "Bring the troops home from Iraq", those Iraqis who have worked with us to foster democracy will be tortured and killed. We have enough blood on our hands; let’s not abandon another ally.

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