Thursday, December 01, 2005

Laguna Beach City Should Outsource

The City budget should be addressed seriously, and we should learn what other cities are doing to improve productivity which likely will include that low priority functions be outsourced to the private sector.

For years former Laguna Beach Taxpayers President Gary Alstot has been calling on the City to outsource functions. In 2004, Gary wrote “Salaries and Wages are estimated to be $27,838,400. We are also told the City has an estimated 250.475 Authorized Positions. ..based on these numbers the average annual wage and salary per person must exceed $100,000.“ [$111,142.42 average per each City employee to be precise]

The City’s employee costs are rising out of control particularly aggravated by rising health care, workman’s comp, and pension costs. Although City revenues are rising nicely, there is little left after increases in employee costs. I am not aware of any City function being outsourced in the last year.


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