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Historical Society Program Mon May 15th Council Chambers at 7:30 PM

May Heritage Month Program

Photographer George Hurrell and Pancho Barnes in Laguna Beach
By Dr. Louis F. D'Elia

Monday, May 15, 2006
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Laguna Beach City Hall Council Chambers
505 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, California

The quintessential glamour photos of movie stars Jean Harlow, Jane Russell, and many others were taken by George Hurrell. He got his start in Laguna Beach. He was friends of Pancho Barnes and made important movie star connections as Pancho threw wild parties at her home on the ocean bluff top area that is now Smithcliffs in North Laguna.

Florence Lowe Barnes was from a very wealthy Philadelphia family who owned among other items a large hotel in Philadelphia as well as 40 acres along the Laguna Beach Coast including what is now Emerald Bay.

Florence was called Pancho and was an early aviator, her pilot’s license signed by Orville Wright. Pancho had her own landing field where is now McKnight Drive. A nice plus when throwing parties.

George Hurrell was a very innovative photographer, became famous, and worked for MGM at the height of the powerful studio period. His career then waned, but he and glamour were later rediscovered.

As part of Laguna Beach’s Heritage month, the Laguna Beach Historical Society is holding a program on Monday, May 15th at the City Hall Council Chambers starting at 7:30 PM. Dr. Lou D’Elia, the owner of the Pancho Barnes Estate, will relate the history showing a PowerPoint presentation including copyrighted photos from Pancho Barnes Estate and the Estate of George Hurrell. Some photos from the Barnes family have never been seen publicly before. The public is welcome and there is no charge.

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