Monday, April 09, 2007

No Roads Through Parks - Support California AB 1457

AB 1457: A Crucial Opportunity to Protect California's State Parks for the Future

California’s state park system – an essential investment in our future – is threatened by an array of road projects up and down the state.
Such roads are contrary to the historic, cultural, recreational and wildlife purposes for which the parks were created. For example, the Foothill toll road would ruin San Onofre State Beach in northern San Diego County. In response, Assemblymembers Huffman and Feuer have authored AB 1457, to create a consistent policy that protects state parks from such harm.

The Solution
AB 1457 ensures that no state or local governmental body will construct a road that will physically impact a state park or impair the recreational value of a state park. AB 1457 also provides for common sense exemptions. Specifically, it allows road projects to proceed as long the Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation finds that:
* the project minimizes impacts;
* there are no feasible alternatives; and
* the road is necessary for use of the state park, for fire prevention, or for utilities on state park property.

The bill is supported by the California State Parks Foundation, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Action Requested
In time for upcoming hearings, please contact – by phone, mail, fax or email – the Chair and Vice Chair of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee, plus your own Assemblyperson (for whom you may use a "cc"). Please act by April 16th.
Lois Wolk, Chair
Phone 916-319-2008
Fax 916-319-2108
Bill Maze, Vice Chair
Phone 916-319-2034
Fax 916-319-2134
To locate your own Assemblymember, use the Find My District tool at:

April 9, 2007
The Hon. Lois Wolk, Chair
Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee State Capitol Sacramento, CA 95814
RE: AB 1457 (State Park Protection) - SUPPORT
Dear Chairperson Wolk:
I am writing in support of AB 1457, which prevents the construction of damaging roads through state parks.
California’s state park system contains some of the most unique natural, cultural and historical resources in the country. Throughout the system, residents have access to stunning landscapes and a myriad of outdoor recreational opportunities.
The mission of parks is to protect our state’s finest historic, cultural and biological assets. However, our parks are in jeopardy from roads that impair these irreplaceable values. Transportation thoroughfares through parks undermine the investment that has been made in creating and maintaining our state park system.
It is critical that policies are enacted that safeguard the state’s natural and recreational infrastructure. AB 1457 is a much-needed step toward ensuring the availability of parks for future generations.

If in Laguna Beach, send to:
Assembly (Dist. 70 - Rep)
Assemblyman Chuck DeVore
Capitol Address
State Capitol
Room 4102
Sacramento, CA 94249-0001
(916) 319-2070
District Address
3 Park Plaza Suite 275
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 863-7070
Senate (Dist. 35 - Rep)
Senator Tom Harman
Capitol Address
State Capitol
Room 2052
Sacramento, CA 94249-0001
(916) 651-4035
District Address
950 S. Coast Drive Suite 240
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 957-4555


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