Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New York Times Editorial on Iran Bad News

See New York Times December 5, 2007 Editorial “Good and Bad News About Iran” Hat tip Best of the Web:
The good news first:
■ “President Bush has absolutely no excuse for going to war against Iran.”
Now the bad news:
■ “First, the report says ‘with high confidence’ that Iran did have a secret nuclear weapons program and that it stopped only after it got caught and was threatened with international punishment. Even now, Tehran's scientists are working to master the skills to make nuclear fuel -- the hardest part of building a weapon.”
■ “Anyone who wants to give the Iranians the full benefit of the doubt should read the last four years of reports from United Nations' nuclear inspectors about Iran's 18-year history of hiding and dissembling. Or last month's report, which criticized Tehran for providing "diminishing" information and access to its current program. In one of those ironies that would be delicious if it didn't involve nuclear weapons, an official close to the inspection agency told The Times yesterday that the new American assessment might be too generous to Iran.”


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