Thursday, May 15, 2008

US Most Competitive Economy in the World Says Swiss Business School

From Brit Hume Special Report May 15, 2008 See,2933,356192,00.html

"Tough Competition

And for those wondering how the U.S. economy is avoiding recession, the answer may be in the latest world competitiveness report out of IMD Business School in Switzerland. It ranks the American economy as the most competitive for the 15th straight year.

It says the economy is the world's strongest, topping all others in investments, stock purchases and commercial service exports. It says the U.S. is the easiest place to secure venture capital for business development. And, it writes the U.S. dominates all other economies in key technology criteria such as computers in use.

Project director Stephane Garelli says, "The U.S. always seems to find the means to reinvent itself in ways that Japan, and much of Europe, often lacks."


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