Friday, June 20, 2008

President Bush a Success According to New Yorker and New Republic Magazines

I was chatting with a progressive Democrat friend of mine who maintained that President George W. Bush should put a gun to his head and kill himself, that he has made a mess of the War on Terror and that all he was successful in doing was to get more Muslims to join the terrorists.

I get most of my information from the Wall Street Journal and Fox News and so am well informed. My friend obtains information primarily from the NBC Today show. You would think that my friend would read liberal publications like the New Republic Magazine and the New Yorker Magazine and similarly be aware of President Bush’s remarkable success.

See June 2, 2008 New Yorker Magazine
“The Rebellion Within, An Al Qaeda mastermind questions terrorism” by Lawrence Wright
Which includes “Dr. Fadl had laid the intellectual foundation for Al Qaeda’s murderous acts. His defection posed a terrible threat.”

See June 11, 2008 The New Republic “The Unraveling, The jihadist revolt against bin Laden” by Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank It includes: “These new critics, in concert with mainstream Muslim leaders, have created a powerful coalition countering Al Qaeda's ideology. According to Pew polls, support for Al Qaeda has been dropping around the Muslim world in recent years. The numbers supporting suicide bombings in Indonesia, Lebanon, and Bangladesh, for instance, have dropped by half or more in the last five years. In Saudi Arabia, only 10 percent now have a favorable view of Al Qaeda, according to a December poll by Terror Free Tomorrow, a Washington-based think tank. Following a wave of suicide attacks in Pakistan in the past year, support for suicide operations amongst Pakistanis has dropped to 9 percent (it was 33 percent five years ago), while favorable views of bin Laden in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, around where he is believed to be hiding, have plummeted to 4 percent from 70 percent since August 2007.”

Of course, facts are a funny thing. My friend thinks Eisenhower and Reagan were dopes and that the Nuclear Freeze movement was on the correct side of history.


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