Friday, May 16, 2008

Aliso Creek Canyon Scoping Meeting May 19th 6:30 PM at Council Chambers

Please consider attending the Aliso Creek Canyon Scoping Meeting which will be held May 19th starting at 6:30 PM at the Laguna Beach City Hall Council Chambers at 505 Forest Avenue.

Let your views be heard whether they are similar to mine or not.

My thoughts are that the environmental documentation should cover:
· A project with no golf course
· How the project will improve fish and wildlife in Aliso Creek
· How the project will improve attracting migratory and other birds
· How the project will reduce energy usage
· How the project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions
· How the project will improve the visual appreciation of Aliso Creek Canyon

Also how will the project i,pact vehicular traffic

Did you go to the Walk-Around? I did and what a glorious day it was when a good crowd got to see the spectacular Aliso Canyon property. My first reaction to the Aliso Creek was quite positive as there was a babbling flow of water and even in one section with a drop and rapids and the special sound that it makes. But then I realized that the amount of water flow was unnatural and actually nonpoint source pollution from inland cities. And from my observation, Aliso Creek was devoid of life.

Isn’t it true that the ocean water at Aliso Beach and the Athens Group Montage Resort and Spa is among the most polluted and unsafe in Laguna Beach? If the redevelopment could be more like San Mateo Creek, it would be better for business while serving the community.

To see a San Mateo Creek teeming with life, I suggest you go to and search for and view the “Save San Onofre Trestles” video clip or just click


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