Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Obama Has Accepted Money Directly from Corporations

See " Hypocrisy in Citizens United chatter" in a Politico op-ed piece Feb 3, 2010 by David Bossie president of Citizens United, notes that Obama has accepted money directly from corporations, which remains illegal for candidates for federal office at

"Many states, including Illinois and Maryland, allow corporate contributions to state candidates. As an Illinois state senator, Obama accepted direct contributions from the corporate treasuries of Citigroup and London-based pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, among others. As a Maryland state legislator, Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen, one of the more hysterical critics of the decision, accepted from business entities about 10 percent of his campaign funds during the four years leading up to his election to Congress.

If, as these detractors and their allies would have us believe, corporate money is by definition corrupting, why did they accept these funds when doing so benefited them? "

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