Monday, August 22, 2005

Black Vote Suppression Guilty or Not?

Hat tip Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal John Fund has some great quotes in his Monday, August 22, 2005 JOHN FUND ON THE TRAIL "Resurrecting Jim Crow for Political Gain, Voter fraud is also a threat to minority voters"

"Both Judge Greg Mathis, the star of a syndicated courtroom TV show, and California Rep. Barbara Lee claimed that the last two presidential elections had been ‘stolen’. Judge Mathis told the rally Republican leaders ‘need to be locked up because they're all criminals and thieves’."

However, "Juan Williams, a National Public Radio correspondent and author of "Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years," is "stunned" by such vituperation. .. says that ‘in service to having no fraud elections, I think you could say to people, go and get a legitimate ID. I don't think that's too much to ask’."

"Andrew Young, the former Atlanta mayor and U.N. ambassador who spoke at the rally, believes that in an era when people have to show ID to rent a video or cash a check ‘requiring ID can help poor people’."

"Mr. Young says rehashing arguments about the 2000 and 2004 elections doesn't solve much—‘I accept the recounts that show George Bush won’--and says it's time for fresh thinking. ‘[Let's] ask what we do about low voter turnout and whether it's the result of racial discrimination or not’, he told me. ‘I don't think it is, since everyone is equally inconvenienced by how we vote’."

"David Porter, the deputy editorial page editor of the Orlando Sentinel and an African American, says he was ‘bewildered’ last year by reports of voter intimidation in his city that didn't pan out. John Kerry routinely accused Republicans in the 2000 election of ‘disenfranchising a million African Americans and stealing their votes’ but provided no evidence. In that vein, a Kerry election manual advised workers that if they hadn't seen signs of intimidation they should ‘launch a pre-emptive strike' and cry wolf anyway."

"William Anthony, Democratic chairman in Ohio's capital of Columbus, who is also chair of the county elections board, said the high turnout and a ballot that involved more than 100 choices for some voters did create lines, but told the Columbus Dispatch he was offended by a band of conspiracy theorists" alleging suppression. ‘I am a black man. Why would I sit there and disenfranchise voters in my own community?’"

"The only documented case of serious deception involving more than fliers was committed by the Kerry campaign. On Election Day, a Marion, Ohio, judge enjoined Democrats from calling GOP voters and giving them incorrect polling locations while claiming they had to bring four separate forms of ID to vote."


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