Friday, October 27, 2006

Letter-to-the-editor from Kelly Boyd’s Unhappy Neighbor

Letter-to-the-editor from Laguna Beach Independent Friday, October 27, 2006.

page A9
Neighbors and Neighborhoods
Should we vote the fox in to guard the henhouse?
There have been a few concerns voiced in these pages regarding the potential election of one local bar owner, Kelly Boyd, into our city council. Here are just a couple of additional items to consider when heading to the polls on November 7th.

Mr. Boyd has been quoted as saying “Neighborhoods have to work together” and “no view should be lost”. Wouldn’t that also mean that actual neighbors have to work together to make certain that no view is lost, hindered, or compromised? Shouldn’t that apply to Mr. Boyd as well?

When Mr. Boyd purchased and began the remodel of his current residence immediately below my house almost nine years ago, his current statements were in complete contrast to his actions toward me.

I came home from work one day to find all of the trees and shrubs in my backyard completely removed – down to the root ball. Years of

See Letters, page A10...
nurturing a privacy landscape was destroyed with total disregard. Mr. Boyd simply did not like the way my property looked, so he had it cleared! He wasn’t a shining example of ‘neighbors working together’ then.

During his remodel, he required approval from our Design Review Board. Mr. Boyd received an approval, and then added elements on his own that were not approved by the Board. He returned to Design Review for approval of the new features. His request was denied and he was required to comply with the prior approvals.

Then a mysterious thing happened. Mr. Boyd did not appeal to the City Council. Former Council Member Paul Freeman contacted the City Clerk, claimed he had been listening to tapes of the Design Review Board hearing of Mr. Boyd’s project, and concluded that Mr. Boyd had been treated unfairly. Mr. Freeman asked for a Council hearing.

Prior to the hearing at City Council, I reached an agreement with Mr. Boyd that he cover the illegal windows he added, and that he tone down the lighting. Mr. Boyd agreed, and the Council adopted the agreement.

Then again, Mr. Boyd really didn’t want to adhere. He seems to like his home lit up like a shopping center, to the destruction of beautiful city lights views from my house.
I have sought Mr. Boyd’s cooperation on many occasions, but he refuses my efforts.
So, as a long-time member of the ‘good ole boys’ he garnered the help of the former City Council to close up the case and make it go away.

Why would you invite these types of dealings to our City Council?

Brett Daly
Laguna Beach


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